Monday, June 4, 2018

Line Dances

Over the winter I took up clogging, but this activity is out for the summer.  The winter prior, I took up line dancing in a school gym in town.  I thought it was fun and good exercise, though I did not really enjoy all the words to all the songs... What can you do.  The Wobble is a bit crude, so I use Guantanamera with groups.  (Guantanamera works for a lot of things and is a bit slower. A lot of Cuban music is very pretty and repetitive.) 

Here is a list of the videos of line dances I learned a year ago.  I just want to refresh them, now, as  clogging is out and the movement is good for me.  You might enjoy them, too.   Shut up and Dance   Any Man of Mine, Canadian Stomp   Copperhead Road  TED TALK   Cupid Shuffle  Fireball  Scooting Boogie Scooting Boogie instructional.  Hustle  Hustle  Two step slide  We went  We went  My Boogie shoes  My Boogie Shoes  Boogie Shoes sheet  The Wobble  The Makarena

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