Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dr. Crossley/neurochemistry/addiction

Last week I attended a lecture, 5 hours worth, by Dr. Harold Crossley, DDS., Ph.D., entitled: Street drugs and their effects on you, your family, and your dental practice.

He invited everyone in attendance to visit him at his home or else to e-mail him with any questions and concerns. He really, really wanted all his contact information published so people can contact him. If he does not reply in 48 hours, he did not get the message and one should try another way.

His e-mail is: askmypalhal@gmailcom.
He teaches policemen in Baltimore among other activities.

The resources he listed were: www.drugfree.org, www.drugabuse.gov, www.streetdrugs.org

The concepts he really wanted to stress were the biochemistry of addiction, neurochemicals and neurotransmitters. It was very helpful. I explained to two smokers today, how nicotine addiction works at the synapse level. Now I think that I don't know enough about it.

Recently, I heard a presentation on teen sexual promiscuity, where the issues were discussed in a similar biochemical context--dopamine and serotonin, etc. The book to read, which I have not done yet, is: Hooked by Joe S. McIlhaney.

I am not sure what good any of it does, but perhaps it helps to de-romanticize harmful behavior and motivate some to get their mood elevation from healthier sources. In schools and health offices you have to speak in this manner. Of course, it is just one aspect.

All of it made me think how someone famous (Marx?) said: Religion is the opiate of the people. Well, it looks like the people abandon religion for the opium. That is certainly not an improvement.

All of it also works on the neurochemical level.

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Steve Martin said...

"...Well it looks like the people abandon religion for the opium. That is certainly not an improvement."

Great statement!