Monday, March 9, 2009

Back from Vancouver

Back from Vancouver. Walked a lot. Learned a lot. Visited a lot. Cried a lot. Everyone was sweet and generous. Tragedy feels just as sad far away from home. Finished the Forde. Want to learn more about neurotransmitters. Took a whole day course from a pharmacologist.


Steve Martin said...

Great photos!

It sounds like you got a lot accomplished!

I don't think it (the pain) will ever go away, Brigitte.

It may change. But I don't know. There will come a reunion one day. And then no more tears or suffering...ever again.

Brigitte said...

Thanks Steve. I'm just home for a quick lunch. Martin wanted to warm up the car.

Met a relative this morning who just put her 15 year old in drug rehab recently.

The pharmaceutical guy at the conference had grade 12 students at about 30% illicit usage. But his numbers were from 2007.
He teaches the police of Baltimore to deal with drugs.

Steve Martin said...

Drugs are a scourge to society.

God bless anyone who works aginst this terrible destroyer of people and families.

I'll pray for your friend's son.

Brigitte said...

We're talking about a girl. She runs away at night to go drinking and smoking pot.

Had another addict in the dental chair in the afternoon. This was a 16 year old with marijuana leaves printed all over the tuque and hoodie. He smelled so bad; I talked to him and he said it was his "civil rights" as a 16 year old to go out and look for trouble. I told him I just lost my 18 year old. He looked shocked for a second then asked me if it was a car accident. I told him to think about it.

Steve Martin said...


I hope you telling that young man about Stefan will have an effect on him. It just might.

I will prayer for your friend's daughter, Brigitte.

A good friend of mine (he used to live with my wife and I) had a stroke yesterday, and then another one last night. I went to see him today and he was in a coma. The doctor told me it doesn't look too good for him. He's 45 years old. His name is Jerry is you might be so kind as to say a prayer for him.

Thanks, Brigitte.

- Steve