Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Drugs and Trucks

Blogging is such a thing, pro's and con's.  On one hand, it lets you get stuff off your chest, and vocalize what moves you.  On the other hand, it seems to become too easy to just complain and oppose, and that about many and various things.  So.

Lately, we observed, that families fall apart.  A wife moves out with the children or the man is kicked out.  One or both partners find new partners, and the children live with a step-parent.  It so then turns out, that a man lives with a woman and her children (they don't actually get married but talk about their "fiance"), and somewhere else the father lives in another new family.  Both men will be required to pay spousal and child support.  So in each household, money flows out to another household, and money flows in from another household.  You would think, all could be considered well, but obviously, the parents are living in biblical sin, and the children are mostly separated from their fathers.

There are many sides here that could be discussed, but one we talked about over dinner was, that in the end effect the money ends up in the mothers' hands to support the children, whereas before, the fathers, unfortunately, especially in Alberta, might have spent the money on "drugs and trucks".  Many a fellow made a lot of money in the oil patch, and was--sadly--gone from home a lot.  And so it went.  Such are some everyday tragedies that happen in these parts.

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