Friday, December 2, 2016

Post-American Election / Silver hair / Presence

Really, who would have wanted to add to the clamor that the US election was and still is. It is good enough to have stayed silent on the matter.  I am comforted that some of the facts of life are being stated clearly now, having been obviously repressed before by those who consider themselves above speaking straight.  I have learned a thing or two about deceit, malice and guile, in media and in my own communications, and feel that somehow by engaging I have done the thing of the fall of the garden of Eden.  I have come to know good and Evil.  It can't be undone.

There are just two insights I wanted to jot down before I forget.  One has to do with letting your hair go grey, or "au natural" or "silver".  Mine actually is silver under the layers of brown color.  Once upon a time my hair was dark brown, for real.  Once a upon a time.--It only takes an hour to color your hair but it takes months to get the color to go and still have hair. It is a journey, and maybe I will write about it next time.  One person who inspired me was Christine Lagarde, Manager of the International Monetary Fund.  She is the most high profile woman I have seen pictures of that wears her silver extremely well.  I can live with that.  You need something pretty on your ears, and other bling (but not too much) and the right amount of make-up (not too much, but definite), and an up-to-date hair-cut.  I am working on it.  Yesterday, I was offered the Senior's Discount.

Image result

The second thing on my mind is, before I forget, is how people say "I so very much want to live in the moment."  And other people say:  "I am walking with the Lord."  And then others ridicule: "People live with their imaginary friends."  And others say:  "I am always craving intimacy".  And then there is the Christian greeting:  "The Lord be with you", and "And also with you."  And then some people like to talk about a "presence".  And some say:  "May the Force be with you."   And then others talk about their muse and their daimon.  The daimon does not sound very good, and to be honest, the people who have talked about their daimon, have also been the deceptive ones.

There I have noted it down, but that's all the time for right now.

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