Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Various Muslim interpretations regarding homosexuality

In the last day or so, a number of things have circulated regarding Muslim views on homosexuality.

1.  In the Koran, we can read instructions to punish and kill those who indulge in homosexual behavior.  In a BBC interview, the interviewer actually reads this out to an Imam straight from the Koran and he weasels out of it.  "Yes, for me, I would never do it and the Koran condemns it, so I must be faithful to it.  But no, he never ever would hurt a soul or condemn anyone for it, even a Muslim homosexual.  This Muslim homosexual has to figure it out for himself."  Em.  This is a complete contradiction.

2.  There is another talk on Youtube , where a pretty reasonable sounding Imam explains to the people that since Muslims live in America, they must be subordinate to the laws there, but they can still keep their own moral code.  Homosexual behavior, continuous sexual innuendo on TV--even aimed at children--the sexual way of looking at females is all "unhealthy".  But he would not kick anyone out of the mosque for immoral behavior, such as alcohol drinking, adultery, etc. because they are not really unbelievers. They are just people fallen into sin.

Since the government does allow this "unhealthy" behavior, such as homosexuality, the Muslim must also "tolerate" it, but not agree with it.  And in fact, LGBT rights activists have been important allies in protecting minority rights of Muslims and should be acknowledged for that work and support.  Nevertheless, lately, the culture has become such that Muslims cannot be "tolerated" by LGBT because of their stand on issues, and they feel that they have come under threat and oppression by  LGBT groups.  It is becoming intolerable not to be "tolerated."  Tolerated does not mean that you agree.  The rules for dealing with people who are hostile to you are different from the rules for people who are helpful to you.

3.  The Orlando shooters father made a video to express his grief.  My impression was that he was not awfully grief-stricken, as far as grief-stricken goes, and as far as Muslim expression of emotion sometimes goes.  He said he taught his son that Allah will do the punishing. We don't need to punish the sin of homosexuality.

4.  An Orlando preacher preaches that homosexuals should be killed in an accent free English.  He calls it an act of compassion.

5.  The shooter was active in the scene, himself.  He claims allegiance to ISIS.  He is also said to have been very careful about scouting out the scene and preparing for the attack.  The debate is now whether he was a man trouble with his own sexuality, or a homophobe, as far as these sorts of lables go.  (The word homophobe is used rather losely, one finds, attacking anyone who is critical or in disagreement.  In this case, since the shooter went out to kill, the lable "phobe", as in hater, would be reasonable.)

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