Saturday, May 21, 2016

Fiery Beasts and Fiery Blessings

Last night, I slept fairly well, but something I watched on Facebook/Youtube was busy in my head. I went to sleep with it and I woke up with it.  There was a panel of distinguished looking men who were very erudite and well-spoken explaining the threat of Islam to Europe. It was international with Swedes and Englishmen sitting together.  The cataclysm coming is civil war, apparently.   Sweden is already lost, and England must fight for its life.  America must never let it happen on the North American continent.  The demographic time-bomb is ticking in Great Britain, as the Muslim population doubles every so often and has children early on in young marriages and plural marriages, on top of that. --So much about what the gentlemen had to say.

In regards to shared humanity, we know that Muslims are dear and precious people, loved by God and neighbors, but the ideology is one of terrorism and submission of everything in its path.--And this is in the Koran.  We have read it. --Also, Muslims are exhorted to dissimulate and so you can't be sure if your neighbor is your friend or foe, that is if Muslims even attempt to assimilate so much as to live outside an enclave.  The police, the media, the elites, the authorities are folding in face of the onslaught of hostility and assertiveness.  On whose shoulders will it fall to defend the nation and the culture?--It seems it falls up on the population itself together with some brave spokespeople.  So-called populism is on the rise in many European countries and one wonders what kinds of beasts are being birthed with some of these movements.  Slovenia has a neo-nazi governor, now.

All this continues to unfold rapidly.  Before 2014 we had hardly worried about these developments.  ISIS changed everything.  The cruelty before our eyes is so despicable and the refrain that Islam has nothing to do with it rings very hollow.  We don't believe it and we don't believe those who keep repeating it.  This explains the rise of Donald Trump to me.  We are sick of lies and we worry about our nations.  Barack Obama still reigns as the prince of peace, but ideas have brought told and untold disasters upon whole populations.

Meanwhile, the fire rages in Northern Alberta.  The call it "the beast."  It is huge now.  It did not get dealt with soon enough.  Dry conditions, old forests, led to this inferno that keeps on adding to the population of evacuees.  There are places for them to go.  Where will Europeans go?

Europe is like the dried up forest in the North.  It is ripe for a burn.  The burn will come, sometime, like an earthquake at a fault line will surely come.  It is inescapable.  Will it burn to the ground so new seeds can sprout or will it be like the Middle East, where Christianity has been displaced from its cradle of birth almost completely?

It is like a Biblical size punishment, something like Noah's flood, something like the tower of Babel, something like slavery in Egypt, something the exile, something like the death of the first-born, something like a crucifixion, something like the destruction of Jerusalem where only a few stones remain.

God always preserved for himself a remnant.  From the root and a shoot a tree can grow again.

Thus the Jews have always survived, though few in numbers, as Jesus predicted, and Christianity grows in the underground quite well.  It is like a fire under the ground.  You think you have stamped it out, but it smolders and glows.  Still, the Lord says often enough:  smarten up or I will turn over your lamp, too.  We can lose all the oil in our lamps and the Lord can also throw them over.  And the darkness will be dark and there will be gnashing of teeth.  Fear the One who can make this happen.

The beast of the fire in the North is being fought with a thousand firefighters.  It won't go out and stop consuming everything before it until the weather changes and rains come.  The weather has changed some.  Without the firefighters it will continue to destroy homes.  Spiritually, we are the same.  Destruction will reign without the help of the Lord without the Word of the Lord.  And if we are complacent, we will surely be engulfed.  Maybe the Christian West will wake up.  May it be so.

There is a fire, a different fire which is good.  It is often kindled when things look very bleak.  A spiritual zeal and need can arise and new work is done.  It is the fire of Pentecost, of Babel undone.  We speak to each other in a language we understand. It is the gift of fire from above.

In Berlin and Hamburg people are worried to walk the streets now, in places.  People don't want to send their children out unsupervised any more.  You could always do this in Germany.  Put your child on the public bus, let it roam in the forest, walk down the street to see grandma, without a worry.  It was a safe country.  But also in Berlin and Hamburg, Muslims are becoming Christians in considerable numbers.  These Christians are severely tested in the refugee homes living among those who pray how many times a day for all to see toward Mecca.  Through lack of participation in this worship, they stick out.  The enmity is more than palpable.

May the Spirit of the Lord turn us all to Him and his love.

See:  "Das Wunder von Stiegliz" in German language

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