Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Boys and Boys

On male friendship and what has been lost:   http://www.touchstonemag.com/archives/article.php?id=18-07-021-f

Not being male, I don't quite know how to assess this article.  I shared it with someone today and he was really offended for some reason.

Not very connectedly, the transgendered bathroom issue has been great for me so far.  In the span of three days, I was in places where the women's bathroom was occupied and the men's not.  I just went ahead and used the men's.  Today, I even had a male clerk open the men's for me (a key and a code was required).  I told him that I was a man, and we laughed and my pressing issue was resolved.

There even was a change-table in it, which I did not need.

The first time I encountered a sign like the one below, last week, I just stared and walked past it and nearly followed my husband into the men's.  I wonder if it's ok to use the men's when there is a sign like that on a separate bathroom?

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