Monday, February 15, 2016

First Cartoon

An American Supreme Court justice died.  His name was Scalia.

I had never heard of him, before.  My ignorance is profound, sometimes.

Judging by Facebook posts about the kinds of things he said, how he said them and the principles he stood for, he seems to be a man worthy of admiration and approval.  You can google it for yourself.

But, on the other hand, the BBC simply reports how sarcastic he often was. Then there also was a report listing all the mean-spirited tweets and responses from very famous people in arts and entertainment and where ever, who were imagining him in hell having various conversations with the devil.  

Now, that is that something that strikes you as strange:  the very people who do not wish to abide by, honor, or even discuss, conservative ideas such as marriage, prohibition of abortion, upholding of constitutional rights, and so on, who would not care for the teaching of the Bible, the law or the gospel, now, in their fertile imagination wish him to be in hell.  They even feel free to say so, practically on the day of his demise.  With glee, their rub their hands saying one more for the hell fire.

What is says to me, is that they feel that they have been condemned to hell by those who profess conservative ideas.  What they should realize that the religious conservatives are on a mission to save them, in God's name, not to condemn them:  as Jesus said, I have come to save not to judge. 

In honor of this man Scalia, of whom I had not heard and because of my sadness to the responses to his passing from some quarters, I drew my first ever cartoon, for the blog and the internet.  I did not spend enough time on it, and it is not pretty.  (From here, they can only get better, if I make any more.)

I hope I see him in heaven.  Rest in peace.  


Emanuel Magalhães Fróes said...

Realy good. It is a very important observation. This chaos confuses all the christians very easy...

Brigitte said...

Emanuel, do you want to elaborate on what you mean?

Emanuel Magalhães Fróes said...

Exactly, i can try, but i do not speak english so good like you... I mean: the situation around us today is very hard for the christians, because they get false ideas and uses about their religion. Its clear?