Saturday, January 9, 2016

Cologne New Year's Raping

After watching several shows now on the subject from the Tagesschau Newscasts, it makes you wonder.

This yellow piece of paper was found after the, let's call it what it is, "attocities" of a mass of Arabic men against women who were out to celebrate New Year's Eve in public with their friends.  From eye-witness reports these men, right in front of one of the world's largest and most famous cathedrals, massed themselves together to render women, their accompanying friends and the police helpless, through simply outnumbering them.  The facts are being laid bare as we speak.  We don't need to repeat them all.

The yellow paper gives phrases in Arabic and in German:  "You have large breasts."  "I want to kiss you."  "I want to 'f' you" and even "I kill you", etc.

You get the idea.  Since the newly arrived men don't know how to say these things in German they are being coached from the Arabic.  Eyewitness say that the men spoke no German.  Some told a bodyguard at a hotel entrance that he should quit protecting women, that they were "our girls" (in English).  How could a recently arrived man, or rather masses of men, think that a woman that he, or they, had cornered was "his girl"?  It really is a frightful dehumanization, one that rattles me just to contemplate it.

The chief of police has had to go because he did not come out with the information that the crimes had been committed by recently arrived immigrants and asylum seekers.  But the why and the wherefore of this organized attack?  Not only was this event planned and orchestrated for Cologne, it also happened in other cities in Germany and in Europe.  Some where foiled through advance intelligence and better handling than what happened in Cologne.  Through the internet, all kinds of things can be co-ordinated world-wide. And who can read Arabic?

Again, we are finding that the national media do not want to tackle this in any kind of depth. The Tagesschau today has a very banal commentary asking:  "Does Cologne really change everything?"  In essence, it is a pull-up-your-socks talk admonishing people to stay the course of open immigration and the work of trying to integrate just about anybody.

The most thoughtful and daring and still balanced essay on the subject, I found here, in the National Review:

Read it.

Islam's problem with women is profound and systemic.

Luther told us about it centuries before, when the Turk was at the gates of Vienna.  The average Muslim may be a good husband, father and business man, and pious in his own way, but there is something wrong with Islamic teaching itself.  It needs to be confronted and discussed.

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