Thursday, January 28, 2016

Anatomy of a Liberal Seduction

First, he told me how smart, beautiful, charming and such... I was.

Then he told me that he was an important figure, and trustworthy, as per his status and old age.

Then he asked me for my e-mail address, so he could send me a document for my perusal, analysis... since I am so smart, insightful...

Then he suggested reading material for me, since he is also smart, and we are both smart and we could have a fruitful exchange.

Then he told me there was no such thing as simple honesty.

There is no such thing as love, as in 1. Cor. 13, though Paul specifically says that without it, one is only a noisy gong.

Then he said that he would test me and things would get a little rougher.

The dialogue became insulting when he felt like it.

The tone changed at a whim.  I thought it was his med's.

The whole thing was not supposed to be flippant or pointless.

I was not allowed to use the word "supposed to".

I was not allowed to use the informal.

There were a whole lot of things one was not "supposed" to do, say or talk about.  The list is endless.

I was not allowed to talk about Jesus, ever.

I was not allowed to quote the Bible, ever.  Though he could quote the Bible out of context.  That was permitted.

Of course, we could not talk about Mohammed.  Nobody gets to talk about Mohammed or draw Mohammed.

If you believe Jesus or the Bible are real, you are a "Fundamentalist".

Fundamentalist is the worst thing to be.

Morality does not work.  We are beyond good and evil.

Death is nothing.  It's all good.  Don't worry about a thing.

It's great to be inconsistent.  It's great to be ambiguous.

Satan is a good accuser with a worthwhile mission, like Socrates.

Cloak and dagger or hiding in plain view, it's all ok.  Just be a gadfly at all times.

Converse action is the goal of all.

Mocking, provoking, persecuting is all good (or evil, does not matter) as it causes converse action.

It goes on and on and on, endlessly, addictedly, insensibly, hopelessly, depersonalizedly, unhealthily.

Pointlessly.  Meaninglessly.

There is nothing broad-minded about it.

There is nothing liberal about it.

There is no depth to it.

There are no new idea's generated:  heat not light.


Argue--just don't argue with a "liberal".

"If you have to argue with a Liberal--don't."

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