Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Present

Someone gave me a present, a thoughtful present.

As we get older we need less stuff, and we give each other consumables--wine, cheese, chocolate, candles...  And hardly anyone thinks about your interests anymore and what might be a suitable item to provide a pleasure for you (that is not a consumable item).

Well, what did I get?  A young man, a pastor with the first baby on the way, gave me two Moravian hymn books!  Not that I need more hymn books, exactly, but it was thoughtful.  He probably has old hymn books stacked somewhere not knowing what to do with them, but nevertheless, it was thoughtful.

"Thoughtful" is good, something like "prayerful", having spent a certain amount of love, care and seriousness.

Perhaps, I will give him a brand-new Lutheran Study Bible.

Oh my gosh, now you can have it on your I-Pad.


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