Saturday, December 19, 2015

Getting Ready

As we are getting closer to Christmas, all the pieces have to come together.  I am taking the very easy route on the Christmas tree front, as you can see.   In all things simplicity...  Less is more...

It's much better to sing more.  Someone gave me a JBL Pulse Bluetooth speaker, which I took into use today.  A wonderful device, it is! It is more powerful than the previous JBLcharge speaker, plus it gives a lightshow.  My husband finds the light distracting, but,  check it out, you can also turn if off.  It comes with an I-Pad app which helps you organize your playlist.  VERY SWEET!

What was playing during the Biscotti making was this CD of Paul Gerhardt hymns, shown below.  It is a very beautiful recording, but there are too few verses sung.  These are the songs we learned by heart, when in school, verses and verses and more verses, and here we only get a couple.  Alas.  I have to yet find what I am looking for.

Bach-Chor Siegen - Paul Gerhardt:Die schönsten Choräle, CD

For our edification, however, tonight still, let's looks at an English version of "Wie soll ich dich empfangen".  "Oh, Lord, how shall I meet you..."

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