Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Morning

Saturday Morning

Where to begin?

The mess in the Kitchen?
--the rum bottle and tea cups,
the plates and wrappers

The Living room?
--the yoga mat,
the wool ball, the knitting,
the magazines and newspaper,
the Bible, Luther's Annotations to Matthew,
Silvia Plath

The I-Pad
--carry on some insane argument,
read some or all of Facebook,
answer mail
watch a debate
put on some wild music to get me going

The Laundry
--on the floor, piled here and there,
drying over the machine

The Windows
--looking streaked
on this sunny day with the sun hanging low,
having been cleaned already for the winter.
How will I put up with this for six months

The Baking
--to bake or not to bake,
everyone is on a diet,
a soup would be better

FIRST OF All, a Coffee
--in the new grandmother mug
on the biggest, softest easy chair,
breathing deeply,
a kind of meditation,
or yoga

It must be a beginning

I already thought about
on my bed,
like David

I thanked him for this day

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