Saturday, October 24, 2015

But is it Art?--Knitting Project

When I was young, my mother got into rug-hooking.

My father was not too enamored with it. When it was time to relax, he would rather not have had her busy with hand work.  Still she got several large and intricate carpets made.  One lies rolled up in my basement still.  We dare not discard them as they are holy relics of her and a different time, especially since she died in her early forties.

One day she talked about a comment made a couple, who were friends and neighbors and fancied themselves somewhat worldly-wise and urbane.  They had inspected her work and told her that is was not "art".

She was somewhat put off by the remark and repeated it to us.

Where is the border between art, folk art and arts and crafts?

Personally, I have always been drawn to the very simple.

Unless, it is a Bach Fugue, then I love the very complex.

Who can say?

Lately, for the love of little children, I have gotten into knitting.  The abundance of Youtube videos can help you along when you are stuck as a beginner.

It seems like art to me.  You can choose your yarn, the color, the texture, the medium.  You choose your needles size and completely determine the look.  There are an infinite number of stitch patterns to try.  Every item is unique.  And then there are all the mistakes you make.  I leave in many of my mistakes.  They should be adding to the charm of the item not having been mass-manufactured in China.

Handmade means that you can make what you want, how you want.  And you say with it something that is beyond words, like a kind of sacrament.

Made for you.
Given for you.
I love you.
Take it.
Treasure it.
Remember me.
Remember my love for you.
Cuddle up in it.
Be safe and warm.
Be comforted.

This is what I have been making.  Old Shale design.  Gumdrop yarn from Amazon. There is a big mistake in it, as you can see.  I will leave it as a special wave through.  It makes a very stretchy fabric in all directions.

Is it art?--Who cares.

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