Sunday, August 30, 2015

Finished a book: "Bad Religion. How we became a nation of heretics."

I finished a book:  "Bad Religion.  How we became a nation of heretics."

The author is Ross Douthat.  Writer for the New York Times.

I enjoyed it very much and read in in one session.  "Enjoy", however, is not the right word, as the assessment of the American religious situation is somewhat grim.

But you always have to start with the bad news before things can be sorted out.

The particular American heresies in American Christianity singled out are the prosperity gospel, the "god-in-me" gospel, and nationalism.  These particular forms of "Christianity", if we can all them that, need to be weeded out, no doubt.  Patriotism may be a good thing, but the blurring of the lines between church and state are not.

Christian orthodoxy needs to find a new footing.

Of course, he is right.  The analysis and background provided are cogent.  The message is urgent and timely.  There are plenty of interviews with the author on Youtube, if you care to find out more.

In our church we talk a lot about catechesis, but really much more needs to be done, is my thought.

Douthat concludes with an admonition for Christians to be active in various political parties.

I don't have time to quote anything today...

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