Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spring 2014 / "One in Christ" Preschool curriculum endorsement, CPH

Outside, there are some leaves wanting to come out, now--ever so tentatively.  The Mother's Day glory of leafing out trees did not materialize this year due to cool temperatures.  At least the afternoon was warm enough to sit out, soak up a little sun while revving up the BarBQ with the family.  It was nice enough to be very grateful and happy.

(I'm joking.  It wasn't like the picture.)

I can give thanks that I've had a good winter with paid employment, volunteer involvement and trying out new exercises, (though I did complain about the Yoga, the other day).

Leading the Seniors Community Choir has been a very great joy.  Conducting is the most fun I have ever had, in terms of work or music.  I have learned so many songs which are the Seniors' favorites, but brand new to me.  Teaching Preschool is also fun, though busy and sometimes draining.  You are forever knee-deep in beautiful books and stories, in props and sound effects, and craft material, continually gazing into the cute, fresh faces, though regularly some with running noses.  Both activities have been a great excuse to keep buying books and toys.  The downside is that my little house really is now fully stuffed to the rafters.  It looks like it is time for a garage sale of all the items I have not used since we moved here.

While talking about this, I would recommend this one resource, however, for Preschool teaching. It was an excellent purchase.  It is a new series from Concordia Publishing House (2013).  Series A is for younger Preschoolers and Series B is for older Preschoolers.  The books are laid out wonderfully survey-able with color-coding on colored pages, well illustrated and completely current in theory.  If I could have made only one purchase, I would have gone to the Concordia Series.  The information is linked below.

The ideas are well grouped under themes and Bible stories and work well.  This saves much time and headache and adds variety to the planning.  Top marks in my books for this One in Christ series. If you do not have much background, you can just purchase this and get going.  Of course, nowadays, we also have the internet, which is a fantastic help.

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