Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I-tunes purchase: hymns of Paul Gerhardt

Last night I downloaded this recording from I-tunes.  It cost $9.99.

Paul Gerhardt is hymn-writer of international and permanent importance. We memorized his songs for religion and music class in Germany.

It can also be found at amazon.de where threre are two reviews.  One gives poor marks in a sarcastic vein disparaging it as opium for the people.  Another bemoans  there being only two verses per hymn.  Latter is a decent complaint if you want to really sing the hymn, but for that I also have a hymn book.  I can sing it a capella or accompany myself on piano.

In my opinion, it is very, very lovely, and I am thrilled to have it in my possession.  The voices are great, the arrangements and rhythms are varied and challenging enough for keeping interest.  Sometimes we get magnificent organ playing.

As to Marx, we have seen what Marxists have done with the people.

You can find it in I-tunes store searching for "Paul Gerhardt".


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