Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter / three

When I walk to the river flats, there is an old fashioned lamp post standing all by itself, quite tall.

To me, it is the lamp post in Narnia, just beyond the Wardrobe.  At this lamp post four footpaths at the edge of suburbia meet, and one leads down steeply to the marsh ("steeply" as defined by prairie relative steepness).  All at once you find yourself in a kind of wilderness.  Above are the houses, below is somewhat untouched nature.  Slightly beyond the marsh flows a mighty and untamed northern Canadian river, one used by the Voyageurs.  

For C.S. Lewis, Narnia signified the reality of the other world.  The boundary was marked by the wardrobe and the lamp post.  I have such a lamp post and I can marvel at the suddenness with which one can enter from one world into another.  It was one of Lewis' main themes.  School is so painful and summer holidays are so wonderful.  But when you are in one mode you can hardly imagine the other to be real. But they are.  They are both very real.  So it is with the resurrection and eternal life.

The snow is all gone now and the geese and ducks are tying to breed just beyond my lamp post.

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