Saturday, April 4, 2009

Consider the price of this ransom

I'm back from my trip--safe and sound with good visits had and more tears shed. (Tired. Busy week ahead for everyone.)

We did manage to read the Treasury of Daily Prayer tonight. For today it finishes with this profound quote:

Consider the price of this ransom, look carefully at this captive. He is the Son of God who is greater than all creation. How will you respond when you hear that such a priceless ransom was paid for your sins? Will you still want to offer your works done under the Law? What is the works of all men, the suffering of the martyrs, and the obedience of the holy angels compared with what the Son of God has given in His death, even death on a cross? (Luther)


Steve Martin said...

Good questions.

My response usually is twofold.

"Depart from me Lord, a sinner."

And "thank you, Lord."

When I respond at all. Much of the time I am too consumed with my own life and worries of the day to even pay Him much mind at all.

Brigitte said...

Steve: It's interesting to me how you zero in on the questions. On your blog you ask questions and people respond. You understand the value of a good question.

Did you get your Treasury of Daily Prayer? I found it handy on my trip. We read from it in different places.

With all the blogging on faith in Christ, you find your are consumed with your own life? In a way we are all always too consumed with ourselves.

When I consider the cost of the ransom, it mostly makes me realize the magnitude of sin, which we so easily excuse sometimes. At the same time, we should see that there is forgiveness for sins that strike us as too great.

It also makes me think of the love of God, the magnitude of which we also don't usually understand.

Atheist will find the remedy most horrible and unloving of God and unappealing. And there is this fearsome side to it. There is both the reason to fear and love God.

Teresa said...

I read that same quote last night and it brought me to tears. (And thanks so much for recommending the Treasury of Daily Prayer--it's been an invaluable tool for me.)

I've been thinking a lot lately about the divinity of Christ and the fact that everything we do is so small in comparison to what Christ did on our behalf. How arrogant we are to think that we can do anything to merit salvation.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for sharing that Teresa. Blessed use then. It has really helped keep us grounded in this difficult time.

ScotK said...

Thanks for highlighting another one of the great quotes from the fathers of the faith.

Brigitte said...

Thanks for stopping by, ScotK.