Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March 3, 2 months.

Didn't cry today (yet). Cleaned one of his friend's teeth today.

I think we can leave the flowers (well freeze dried) as a caution to drivers, til the wind blows them away or the snow melts and it's not so treacherous.


Steve Martin said...

I see flowers at different intersections around the area where I live.

I will never look at them the same after knowing you.

May God grant you strength and comfort.

Brigitte said...

A lot of roadside memorials seem kind of kitschy, but studies have shown that drivers are not overly distracted by them. Rather they are more mindful of their driving at those intersections.

I have sufficient strength and comfort. There was kind of a low point about a week ago when everyone was coming apart at the same time. That's not good. It's better for a few to take turns at coming apart.

I don't know why people have to take such risks when they are driving. Somebody at the office told me today, that his friend was killed last week in Edmonton, when the driver drove drunk for somebody's 18th birthday party. The person at the office needed to get away on time because he was on his way to a tattoo parlor to get the dead friend's name tattooed on his back.

They are very good at memorializing, but they are not good at gauging risks.