Saturday, March 28, 2009

Easter, last year

On this short clip of the Easter service at Bethel, you may notice several things:

1. Stefan's beautiful vibrato playing his good adult cello (12 years of Suzuki lessons; first cello was 1/16th size)
2. Andrea playing beautifully, also.
3. The big Easter band that gets formed just for the Easter service. Anyone with an instrument can play.
4. The Power Point is not working and the hymn verses are not up on the screen, hence the words need to be shouted out.
5. The "flowering of the cross": is an idea my friend had (she seems to be in charge of decorating and undecorating the church). This has become a tradition at Bethel. All during lent, a very rough cross in the front has this big stuffed snake on it. For Easter it's gone and everyone comes and puts a flower on it before the service.

So much for this little clip, marking almost three months since Stefan's death.

I think I just motivated myself to get my trumpet out and get lips in shape for Easter. Just enough time for that.


Mary said...

Beautiful music.
My heart aches for our loss when I see that curly blond top.
Thanks for sharing the memories.

Brigitte said...

Yes, "ache" is a good word. The music videos somehow bring it home the most. When I first saw them again, it was like a searing knife.

The Gibbons "Boonstock" organizers phoned yesterday. They want to have a tribute to Matt and Stefan, this year with bagpipes and banner and their favorite music. I suppose we would have to go and attend Boonstock concerts, rather than listen to it from 3 miles away.