Saturday, October 24, 2015

Justin Trudeau won the Election

Or rather Steven Harper lost the election, this week.

I sincerely wish Justin Trudeau all the best, and pray for him, as I ought to.

Still, the overriding sensation at this point in time is a wondering what it is we have done.  This cartoon pops into my mind.  It was printed in my history class textbook, when I grew up, I think grade nine, in Germany.

The steady and hand and experienced statesman of eminent common sense and good judgement, both conservative and innovative in matters of state and personal life and security, is simply let go.

It did not turn out well, at all.  It turned out grotesquely disastrously.

Let's hope that the analogy with Bismarck is not good, though it came to mind.

Steven Harper seems serenely resigned to the loss.  He has been in government for a long time.   Maybe it is time.  Our liberals are not all fools.  They have done some important things right.  And even a conservative Prime Minister was no match for the anarchistic supreme court that seems to rule over all.  There was only so much he could do.  Perhaps, a Trudeau can rule it in.

In any case, many thanks are due to Steven Harper, who has been intelligent, conservative, formidable and honorable, governing against many odds, in minority and majority positions, with a steady head and hand, and having grown grey over it. God bless him and we thank him.

The Lord also be with Justin Trudeau, a young man for troubled times.  May he have much wisdom.

Justin Trudeau, prime minister-designate, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper  attend a ceremonial service in Ottawa on Thursday to commemorate last year's attack on Parliament Hill and the lives of Corporal Nathan Cirillo and Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent.

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