Friday, July 23, 2010

Wir pfluegen und wir streuen/ We plow the fields and scatter

Here is the other song by Matthias Claudius in the German hymnbook.  You can see it once, below, with the organist running ahead of the congregation.  On You-tube, there is criticism of the organist for being too fast.  As for myself, I have great sympathy for the organist.  The song is very robust and should have good strength with a decent clip.

Below an English choir with the same song in English.  Very nicely performed, however, lacking in the simple, rustic feeling.  To me it should be sung with a bounce, almost like children skipping along.  What do you think Gary?


Gerhardt said...


First of all that clip from 'Bibel' now automatically comes on and plays when this site is accessed. Don't know what the problem but it is annoying.

Yes, the English version of "Wir pflügen und wir Streuen" is far too slow. In the German version sometimes the organ is ahead of the singers and vice versa! This could be because the organist is likely located far from the singers as is common in the larger German churches. A pace somewhere in between these two examples would be ok.

Brigitte said...

Thank's Gary. I noticed that about the Bible The whole blog looks funny, too, now.

I noticed you got proper "ue" into this. Well done. Must show me. I'm playing this Sunday.