Thursday, January 14, 2010

What to do with this blog

Somewhere along the line, this blog made it onto Google consciousness. For example when you go to Google Images and search for "silesia expulsion" (I hate to type it here because now the poor googlers will be directed to this useless post) you will find that my grandpa's picture comes up first. If you type in "silesia expulsion" not searching for images, it's on the first page, too. Thus most times I post something, it ends up googled. The last post has a picture and story of Solomon, so I would not be surprised if someone googles Solomon, they will have that listing.

Nothing I write is thought through well enough to send helpless googlers over here. I feel kind of bad for them, though I think my grandpa's picture is very good. Makes me think I should either disable the google feature or create a better blog.

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