Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Frankfurt airport

About the airport: there is an expansion worth 50 billion Euros in the works, I was told. It is already huge and busy. The slogan on the building is: Hessen, an uns fuehrt kein Weg vorbei. (Hesse, there is no way around us.)

The picture on the wall behind the old Mercedes you could win illustrates how the airport used to be. Our Dad used to take us there for Sunday afternoon excursions. I still remember how it was: small with that tower on the picture.

Just above the tail of the Lufthansa plane you can see the Melibokus mountain of the Odenwald. I was born in a town close to the foot of the mountain.

Oh, and the airport has a church, too. I read in the newspaper, that there are all types of church services held there and it often deals with refugees and waves of people coming from war-torn countries suddenly needing accommodation. There are plans for two more chapels at the airport. I actually walked past it and noted it had signs for the R.C. and ev. Luth. church. I was tempted to peek in, but it seemed like there were things going on. Busy place, all around.


Gerhardt said...

Brigitte....Vielen dank für daß schöne Glocken Geläut mit Bilder; die Orgel, sogar zwei! Ach wie schön!! The pics are nice. My guess is that the Baroque Organ in the Seminary Chapel, as you relate, might be totally new inside although the case looks like around 1750 vintage. In any event they are unique. Did you visit the 'Dom' in Mainz? That's the only place I recall from a long ago visit. Thanks for updating us.

gerhardt said...

...even the German Cat is standing at attention while the bells are ringing!!!

Gerhardt said...


re Frankfurt Airport,there are plans for another runway to be constructed just across the autobahn near Kelsterbach. So this place will become even more busy! An amazing beehive of activity 24 hours a day this place is!