Monday, March 7, 2016

Shoot the messenger: the hypocrisy in criticizing dissidents from foreign lands for speaking out

The BBC had a story about this last night:  Kamel Daoud of Algeria is criticized by western liberals for calling Islamic sex lives miserable.  He feels their hypocrisy when he writes from Oran whereas they write from their "western cafe's".  I don't have words for this sort of dismissal of brave spokespeople who know what they are talking about.  There are many one could list, and the western intelligentsia does not dare cope with what they have to say.  We only recall the disinviting of Ayaan Hirsi Ali from Brandeis University.  The list is longer.  Houellebecq is in hiding.  How many fatwas... A western chiding of Kamel Daoud in Oran.  It is insane.  If the intelligentsia won't deal with the subject matter, who is surprised at the rise of the Donald Trump and the marches in the street?

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