Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cooking and Baking--fast, no measuring

In the last few days, I have discovered Breadpudding: add some whipping cream to it and--voila--you have something you should only make rarely...

In my experimenting it turns out: that's how I make it, see below.

One lasagna pan.
About 10 slices of bread (cut into pieces)
7 eggs
high fat yoghurt
maple flavor
almond flavor
homemade chai spice mix
Bourbon soaked raisins
brown sugar
cut apples with skin
(some butter)

bake for 40 min., convection oven, uncovered, 350 degrees F.

They recommend a Bourbon sauce, which I have not made yet.
It would consist of:  butter, brown sugar, a bit of cream and Bourbon.

I went out and bought the Bourbon, since we didn't have anything like it.  I thought it was rum, but it is whisky.  In any case, the local liquor store had it, at 32.00 dollar per medium size bottle.  Something really cheap would probably work just as well in baking.

I consider this a "no measurement needed recipe".  Mix it all together.  Whisk the eggs before adding, obviously.  I had forgotten to add butter, so I flaked some over top once it was already in the oven.


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