Friday, July 10, 2015

Summer Days: Hot and Lots of Fires

We are having a really hot summer, and I can't say that I like it overly much.  It does make me wilt as we refuse to get air conditioning for the few hot days of the year.  Canada also seems to be on fire, literally.  There has hardly been any rain, so that forest fires have become a huge issue.  Makes you want to stay at home.  Actually, getting to a lake would be wonderful, but no such luck...

I read today that Putin met Modi and told him that he would like to try Yoga some day.  This comes on the heels of the international Yoga day, on which we could see picture of the Prime Minister of India performing his Yoga poses.  They said that Yoga was India's gift to the world.

Too funny, though about Modi and Putin talking about it.  Personally, I have blogged about Yoga several times.  It is a border issue.  For some Christians there is a strong association with yogis and gurus and Hindu doctrine, reincarnation, works-righteousness and what all not else.  This could be very valid for some.  For me, as I live in a suburb type situation with no real yogis and gurus around and the local yoga teacher being a committed Roman Catholic, I don't worry about that Hinduism aspect much, as no one has pushed it.  Generally, I feel Christians could benefit from more physical exercise, as the whole society is sliding into obesity, no longer living on the farm, but always commuting by car and sitting in front of computers.

Lately, we have started walking much more with the help of the Fitbit and a Fitbit friend I have.  My husband has been walking with me, and we realized that we have been biking because it is easier than walking.  With walking you get hot and your feet hurt, and so on.  But walking utilizes different kinds of muscles and maybe it really must be the foundational exercise.  Walk lots, do your stretches and then add in the rest.  Anybody want to be my Fitbit friend, let me know.

About Yoga, also, it is a good poor person's exercise, as you don't have to get to the gymn or need any equipment.  As such, it is very frugal and portable.  In addition, it is good for hot weather, as you don't have to bounce around all over the place.  Some people even insist on doing "hot yoga", performing the exercise in a hot room.  I think I'll skip that particular version.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) meets with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ufa, Russia, July 8, 2015. PHOTO: REUTERS

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