Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer cont.

The summer is lovely.  We have had a lot of rain showers, now, and all the world looks like a paradise of green with flowers, leaves and growing vegetables, in my town.  In nearby areas, however, the harvest is already declared a disaster because of the delay of the rains...

We cycle and walk and check over our plants.  The zucchini has begun delivering the expected oversupply.

The grandbaby is in the third trimester.  God bless it, and its mom and dad. So things about his or her arrival are getting serious.  I finished the blanket I was working on and have decided the next blanket will be of a more simple design.  I am favoring the Old Shale stitch, for next time where counting is needed in only one of the four repeating rows.  It should knit up more quickly with a similar scalloping effect.

I finished several books and watched a few videos, mostly on Gnosticism and related heresies of old.  This really clears up some things but also confuses others.  The deeper you dig, the more into a hole you get.  Time to climb out of it, almost.  I feel  like first I want to write about what Luther has to say about the "devil" and what we meet in the marketplace of ideas, these days.

Yesterday, CBC news informed us that the Satanic statue was finally unveiled in an industrial area of Detroit.  --What an ugly thing it is.  It makes you wonder what would drive someone to go to this sort of imagery.  And the poor little children are worshiping this beast.  In any case, I can't see how this would increase Satanism's appeal.  The "Friendly Atheist" wrote about the poor Satanists and how they had to defend themselves against Christians to stage their event.  Everyone had to sign over their soul to the devil.  Seriously.  On paper.   At least, that kept the protesters away, was the reasoning.  OK.  Obviously, we will blame whom ever we will.  You might have thought that the Friendly Atheists is equally opposed to the statue.  But consistency is no longer considered logical or a virtue.  What a world we have come to live in.  These are the "reasonable" people.

I am finding that knitting is a great antidote to all this stress.  More people should get into it.  It could solve a lot of problems.  Knitting and singing.

See the Old Shale:  Knit a row, purl a row, counting row, knit a row.  /  The counting row is:  knit two together three times, yarn over, knit one, six times, knit two together three times.  (In the flat not round.)

Isn't it the perfect blanket stitch for a baby blanket?  I met a little baby boy who had one, the other day.  His name is Axel.  His blanket was in blue tones.

Old Shale Stitch

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