Friday, June 19, 2015

Yesterday, music store, summer night

Yesterday, I went to an actual store that has an actual selection of guitars and ukuleles.  You will be proud of me that I made no impulse purchases, maybe because the things I really liked cost over $400.00, at least.  They had a bass ukulele with rubber strings.  You plug it in and it is a really, REALLY, cool bass.  There was a baby guitar with a fantastic sound for the size...

But, alas, I bought new strings and a foldable music stand, a snark tuner and some little hand-held percussion instruments.  The music stand is impressively sturdy and cost $34.00.  I don't see it on Amazon.  It is a Yorkville BS 321.

When I got home, we went for a bike-ride with the neighbors, sat up late drinking lemonade and wine with strawberries and the new quinoa chips from Costco.  (16 gr of protein per 50 chips).   I sang for them from the new music stand and took the strings off the old guitar, which, on closer look, was very grimy.

This inspection caused me to sit up even later to look at restore-your-guitar-videos on Youtube.  Then I watched a video on how to build an entire guitar from scratch.  WOW.  Workmanship. Watching all these guys lovingly take care of an instrument in their workshops was a beautiful thing to see.  Something to meditate upon.  Foreign to me.  A man's workshop:  so close and yet so far.

I am lacking that sort of love of handiwork and being terribly picky at it.  BUT, I will try to get the old guitar useful before deciding on a purchase of a new one.  It would be the baby guitar, if I did go for it. And then there is the bass ukulele...  The bass ukulele is really awesome.  And I need an acoustic amplifier.  Maybe, if I sold all the things I don't use, I could just roll over the cash into something else...

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