Thursday, June 18, 2015

More Ukuleles

People always said that if you own one guitar you feel like owning a whole lot of models.  I am beginning to feel this way about the ukulele.

The cheap Mahalo is quite nice, really, and the Epiphone I have tried plugged in, by now.  The plugged in sound is not as nice to my ears, but maybe I need a different amplifier.

And then there is the tenor or baritone ukulele with six strings.  I watched several videos on how you play this thing, and while it sounds nicer, it must be more difficult to double up the strings and play them all in GCEA.  I think some people string it like a guitar.  That could be nice.

I think I have to get myself down to an actual store with a selection to try.

This man here below, gives a nice demo and sings a song about how the ukulele came from Portugal to Hawaii.  Sweet.

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