Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poem by me

Holy Joy

The land is laid out in quarter sections here.
The road leads straight North.

From a hilltop the prairie displays itself
In a huge flat expanse, lifting the heart.

Toward the Northwest the sun sets slowly,
The large ball hanging orange, radiating pink
over the entire, wide, cloudless sky.

By this sun we have seen all day.
By it we have had the light of life.
By it we are fed and take strength.

The silos stand at rapt attention,
Greeting their master with a reflection.

O, Lord, you are glorious.

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Hildegard said...


Brigitte said...

Thank you, sweet Hildegard. It gave me great pleasure to write down. I stopped at the gas station for five minutes.

I ran it past an English professor, whom I argue with, and he said that he would have stopped at "rapt attention", but I really want the praise and worship in there, as the silver silos were gleaming...