Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Winter holiday / Maui 1 / diet and excercise

Forgive me, and don't be jealous, please, while winter raged, here, I have been on my second holiday to warmer climes, this season. -- We are not going to be snowbirds, but we may indulge, in our old age, God willing and as long as we are able, in the odd winter holiday; especially since my husband does hard work in the hospital all summer, when everyone else goes away...

So, we went to Maui for the first time, ever.  It was so very lovely.  The property we stayed on boasted a garden with all colors and types of  hibiscus, oleander and bougainvillea.  There were innumerable other kinds of blooming bushes and trees.

For the first time ever, I began doing my stretches, yoga and push-ups out of doors, on the trusty mat which I had brought along.  I noted a spot where I observed other people do that sort of thing, coming and going in the morning for their various sessions.  When I laid on my back, I could look up into a tree canopy.  What a discovery, after looking at ceilings and always being cooped up!  It seems a rather crazy thing to do even.

Since you have seen many pictures of flowers in your lifetimes, I will share with you the tree canopy pictures, for today.  Sometimes, my husband came along to guard me, while reading his book.  He should have exercised, too, but what can you do...  (His BMI is better than mine, so who am I to talk.)

I shall add, and brag, that I lost two pounds while on holiday and even while eating out, a lot.  I stuck closely to Costco cabbage salad, sardines, low-carb protein bar.  We had high-fibre bread in the morning.  When out, I ate a lot of fish and shrimp. My favorite place was the Cheeseburger Restaurant in Lahaina, which is right on the ocean, on the main street.  In fact, it is a famous main street:  a sign was on the road saying it had been declared a notable street in the US.   I had the raw tuna.  Martin had a BLT burger.  There must have been ten slices of bacon on it.

My sister phoned me today.  She plans to loose 12 kilos by the end of June.  She wanted me to set a goal.  I set a number that is 17 pounds lighter than today.  This would mean I should loose one pound per week until then.  It could be a realistic goal.

Also, see my favorite spot in Lahaina.  At the Cheeseburger, I had fish. The server was fun and efficient and from Montreal, Canada.  80% of the people on Maui seemed to be from Canada.  Next door was a beautiful Gelato shop with the deck overhanging the beach and ocean.  I was sorely tempted on the Gelato side of things, but the deck was full, and what is Gelato without hanging over the ocean?  Na.  It's cold, but all sugar.  Not good.

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