Friday, February 27, 2015


Dear Blog, I have begun reading the Koran.  I have read it before.  But I don't want to write about it.  Not now.  The sorrows around the world are so deep, and there are so many things on my mind.

Here is a poem a friend of mine wrote.  Maybe it can lift us all up.


To live in the community
is a privilege we share,
to lean upon each other
and show that we care.

If you kindly lend an ear
when someone is troubled,
it's said that sorrow is halved
and real joy is doubled.

The hand that you helped
will touch back to you,
with blessings and thanks
for all that you do.

When we each give a little
from our bounteous treasure,
the one who received it
is blessed beyond measure.

When you give from your heart
to the one who's been gifted,
it's like rain on parched soil
and the burden is lifted.

We all need each other
so don't ever stop,
loving your neighbour
you're the cream of the crop.

When one of us suffers
we all tend to bleed,
hearts of compassion
strive to fill in the need.

And try though we may
we don't always know what to do,
though our efforts be feeble
this is our love gift to you.

So thank your dear friends
you have shared out of love,
for all these blessings freely given
are from our gracious Lord above.


I must add that M.P. is one of the most caring people you could ever meet and I am privileged to know her.

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