Saturday, December 27, 2014

Christmas 1 / Whom do we miss the most?

It was during the Christmas Day Communion Service, and hardly anyone was there.  (This is in contrast, to the Christmas Eve service, of course, which had been overflowing. )

At Christmas we talk a lot about all the people who are no longer celebrating with us, the people who have gone on to be with the Lord, the people we may not be getting along with now, the families that suffer distress and disunion.  And we cry a bit.  And to top it all: our hearts are with the persecuted refugees around the world.  As we sing about the shepherds in the field at night, we think of those who have lost house and home and celebrated in unfinished concrete apartments and in every nook and cranny, prisons and camps. -- But whom do we miss the most?  Who has suffered the most?  Who has been humbled the most?  Who has loved the most? -- It is Jesus Himself.  He is the one who has gone ahead to prepare a place for us.  We miss Him the most.  We love Him the most.  We look for his coming.  If we don't, we need a re-calibration.  This occasion is providing the readjustment for us.  Lord Jesus, come, soon, for your own sake. It is you yourself, whom we seek.

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