Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Advent / Religion as a cultural and psychological construct


That's what they say we have when we proclaim that there is objective truth in religion.  Since the assumption is that all religion is cultural and psychological construct, none of the believers should claim any sort of objective truth, only a subjective truth, or maybe a tradition.  Anything else is a "fundamentalism", and on the heels of saying that, here it comes:  an "extremism".  I think I even heard the Pope say something like that in Turkey this week.  I wonder about him.  He has said many things already that have been reported far and wide, but I have not heard him say anything about Jesus.  That could be a problem of the media and the reporting, not with the Pope.  The Pope stood in prayer and faced Mecca, in a mosque.  Is it all just "spirituality", in the end, even for him?

The Bible proclaims something very different.  The Bible proclaims a God of history, a Creator who knows everything intimately, even the number of hairs on your head.  He promised redemption to the fallen world, and he delivered it himself. He said that there would be and end, and a judgement, when he comes visibly again.  This is not your run-of-the-mill "spirituality".  It is something quite different; and it is the opposite of "idolatry".  "Spirituality" lets you worship whatever you like.  Jesus Christ lets you only worship him.

You choose.  He has already chosen you and me.  Trust Him.  "O come, o come, Emanuel, and ransom captive Israel."  Captive Israel, that is the church, now.  It needs redemption, too.  In addition, far and wide Christians are persecuted, in our day, in distant lands and closer to home.  Their needs are quite present and real, and yet, redemption is from sin, death and the devil.  Lord Jesus come, deliver us from evil and ease our suffering. Be also with all who deny you, their Savior from sin.  Draw us all to you.  (Trahe me post te.)

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