Thursday, December 18, 2014

Advent / Finished the movie

Last night, I finished the Gospel of John movie on Netflix.  Overall, I would say that is it definitely worth watching, once.  I am fairly imprinted onto the Jesus of  "Jesus of Nazareth", movie of several decades ago, however.

In the Netflix show, I  find this very intense, argumentative looking Jesus both attractive and repulsive.  The acting is probably off, a little weird.  But you can see, that Jesus engaged everyone he met where they needed to be met.  He "knew" what was "in a man" --or woman.  It really is amazing.  He did do all things well.  It makes you wonder what he would say to you exactly, if you met him on the road or in the market place, just now.

O Lord, how shall I meet you, 
How welcome you aright? 
Your people long to greet you, 
My hope, my heart's delight! 
Oh, kindle, Lord most holy,
Your lamp within my breast
To do in spirit lowly 
All that may please you best.

Paul Gerhardt

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