Thursday, December 18, 2014

Advent / "Analysis Paralysis" / What to do?

Somewhere I heard this terms "Analysis Paralysis".  You think and think and research and plan, and rethink, and just get more and more stuck.

It can happen.
To me.
I think.

Here are a couple of things I wrote in a notebook.

"When your passions lead you astray, go with what is needful and the Lord gave you to do.  You may be just too lazy to follow the path laid out for you."  

"Man's plans and design often don't work out.  It is all in the Lord's hands.  But lack of counsel and wisdom ruins most things."

I do not recall where the quotes come from,  but they are not my own sayings, I know that.


Hildegard said...

Hi Brigitte, Thank-you for all your insightful Advent posts! Were you thinking about me when you wrote this one? ;-) Thanks for the reminder about priorities. Gesegnete Weihnachten and continued blessings to you and your loved ones throughout the new year!

Brigitte said...

Dear Hildegard. Thank you. How insightful it is, I don't know, but I am glad it resonates. :) It is often hard to decide on courses of action; especially as women, we have so many things to balance and we worry so much about other people's needs and all the in's and out's... But it often is good advice to just deal with the things at hand and to be open to sound advice. God's blessings to you and yours also, as we do go forward into another year. -- And this week we have the darkest day of the year. Soon the days will get longer again.