Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Contradictions in Relativism

Got this from Facebook somewhere:

Writing today at The American Culture, Mike D’Virgilio makessome good observations about the inherent contradictions in what is commonly called relativism today. Particularly interesting is this passage:
Such do-it-yourself-morality is the logical conclusion of moral relativism, and it means that literally anything goes. Of course, many relativists betray these principles through their actions. It is common for people who profess relativism to live quite conventional lives. In addition, many people steeped in relativism profess absolute, objective moral values, such as that racism is bad, smoking is evil, religion is dangerous, and the like. Note how colleges and their students treat commencement speakers whose political beliefs don’t accord with theirs. Although they are loath to admit that these opinions are no more valid than any others (a fundamental tenet of relativism), they appear to have no doubts at all about the rightness of their positions.

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