Friday, November 21, 2014

Arizona Trip 1

Dear Blog:  I have been on a holiday.  It was very lovely.  We saw many wonderful things, met friends and family, and had languid dinners on warm patios, wine, dessert...

(Now I have to get back on my diet.  First protein day, today.  Egg.  Sardines.)

This is my favorite picture, from a favorite place, the artisans' market area in Sedona, down by the river.  We had an outdoor lunch at the Secret Garden, and it was just so beautiful and peaceful to sit there.

The picture is of the seasonal centerpiece of a fountain in the shopping village.  I bought some new age music from a man playing by the canal.  The CD is titled "Sedona Nights".  He said it was inspired by belly dancing music.  I gave him some snake arms and hip drops.  His flyer said that he does past-life regressions, at  $225 for two hours. Not a bad salary, eh?  All the personal testimonies in the flyer had to do with trouble with commitment, issues with mother and wives.  --  It makes you wonder.

My sister-in-law bought a bracelet.  Men sat on benches and in niches waiting for their women to finish shopping...  My husband and his brother sat in the Secret Garden, hopefully not dealing with with their problems with women in their lives. -- I doubt it.  They never talk about us.  Maybe they need a therapist to help them come to grips with the subject matter...  :)  Hehe.


Hildegard said...

Glad you had a great holiday in beautiful Sedona. Thanks for the picture of the fountain - brings back lovely memories! Quite a few years ago, we spent an entire day in Tlaquepaque just walking around taking pictures of the architecture, and artistry everywhere.
BTW, I've enjoyed all your travel posts and pictures.

Brigitte said...

Sedona was just stunningly beautiful. Thanks for comment, Hildegard. How are you doing?