Sunday, September 14, 2014

Psalm 139 for Preschoolers

Psalm 139 adapted for Preschoolers.  (CPH)

You know who I am. 
(Point to the sky and then yourself.)

You know when I sit,
(Everyone sit down.)

You know when I stand.
(Everyone stand up.)

You know what I think.
(Point to your head.)

You know where I go.
(Run in place.)

You even know when I lie down low.
(Mimic sleeping.)

You know all that I do.
(Spread both hands out wide.)

You know all that I say.
(Push out hands from chin.)

And You show me You love me.
(Point to sky and wrap arms around self in hug.)

Each and every day!
(Point on each word going from left to right.)

A dear friend of mine, likes to read this Psalm to people with their own name inserted.

She has done it for me and I have done it for others.  It is lovely.  Try it with your own name or read it to your friend or spouse...

You have searched Brigitte, Lord,
    and you know her.
You know when she sits and when she rises;
    you perceive her thoughts from afar.

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