Thursday, August 28, 2014

Summer 2014 / Old Women and Floral Dresses / A Cautionary Tale

When we were in Hawaii, I purchased some pretty, loose, floral dresses to wear on the beach and elsewhere in the hot, humid weather.  Everybody else was doing it, too, with the result that place had a lovely aura of femininity and celebration.

I really owned nothing like it from back home, where even the hot summer days are few and far between, and anyhow, my generation has worn nothing but jeans and t-shirts when relaxed.  My wardrobe investment was not too extensive, but this summer in Alberta was so hot that I could wear the dresses in the house and garden and feel the breeze you can get from a flowing dress.  Wearing them brought back memories of Hawaii and blessed my garden with a tropical sensation, although I am only growing the regular things, climatic zone 3 and under.  My most exotic plant was a new lily which bloomed large and pink and for quite some time.

Well, complete the picture with some new flat sandals from Costco.  They were Joseph Seibel and therefore a good solid footwear, quite flat.  Between the dresses, the sandals, the weight-loss, the garden and the breezes, I felt really happy, mobile and light.  Most of the summer went on like this, but I went bike-riding instead of walking, for exercise.  And Yoga class was out for the summer.

Well, the donkey on the ice, one day I decided that I needed to get back into dancing and aerobics.  I felt as light as a feather, I put on really raucous music and started dancing around the house barefoot.  Well, that did it.  I gave myself a heel spur pain that I have been nursing ever since.

Moral of the story:  you are no faerie any more.  Only do 50%, as my Egoscue Yoga teacher says. Or at least, wear some Birkenstocks, woman, with your floral dress, and look like a proper Bohemian.

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