Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sex Ed in Edmonton / Complaint

The most ridiculous thing ever.

The person who mailed me this link said:

"I guess “sluts” are to be celebrated and glorified now in High School sex-ed courses? 
It sounds like this “agnostic” (yeah, right) has an agenda – she already knows what needs to be taught and if it is not done her way, she’ll scream about constitutional rights."

I have heard this talk.  I have trained to give this talk.  I have counseled Crisis Pregnancy with this organization.  I have taught Unit 5 in High School myself.  There is nothing American about it.  We have supported it with donations for years.  It is on my list of automatic monthly deductions.

People are trying to give people information and options.  In return someone choses to be offended and has to launch a frivolous complaint. --  This is a very sick world.  This mother and her daughter are not using their minds.  Who is using them?  Who?

My daughter had a very graphic teacher for this section of her CALM course.  I am glad that she did.  Thank you teacher!

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