Thursday, July 3, 2014

"Mucking about" Class

Quite recently, a new friend invited me to a class I had already considered attending.  It was held at the local library by a "writer in residence" -- I really could write a lengthy essay about it, as it was quite exciting and worth contemplating.  But I won't do it today.  It is too beautiful out and there is too much to do.  Tomorrow, I have a workshop with Music Together. -- Both classes should serve me with the church preschool, let's just say that.

Here is a picture I drew of my collage of stones, shells and beads for "mucking about" class.  It is a present for Sam.  Humble, I know.  But he is not a despiser of humble presents.  It revealed to me a "borderland", in the spirit of Hyde.  We see how all the treasures and discoveries are at the border between the land and the ocean:  the starfish, the sand dollar, the button with the anchor, the shells:  where the raging waves meet the stable land, etc.  It was supposed to be an exercise to get writing juices moving, though we did no writing, that time.


Sam said...

Is this a new robot-defector?

Brigitte said...