Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"Atheist Temples"


Chesterton would say that atheism and amorality don't build things that are deep or truly beautiful and artistic.

I've hung around some atheistic people.  It can start out nice but it tends to degenerate into insult or debauchery. Even what goes as rational dialogue soon goes south into ad hominems and other fallacies--or straight lies.  They manage to rationalize the rudeness as being necessary to the "process".  "Process" being the holy grail.  But they are the "rational" people--with many books;  so they say.

If there is some beautiful atheist temple somewhere, we'd like to see it.

"Miłosz's 1953 book, The Captive Mind, is a study about how intellectuals behave under a repressive regime. Miłosz observed that those who became dissidents were not necessarily those with the strongest minds, but rather those with the weakest stomachs; the mind can rationalize anything, he said, but the stomach can take only so much."

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