Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Crabby Men of the Club

There are people who claim to be the most creative because they don't hold to any doctrine.  They also claim that they don't just hang out with their buddies.

But they are fooling themselves; they say the same thing over and over again in their skeptical way and scratch each other's backs for being the only smart ones.   Really, they are a club, a doctrineless club--according to their doctrine.

They are interesting for a bit, but they have no story.  They also don't have variety because they are only united by their lack of doctrine.  People united by doctrine come from all walks of life and nations.  Without creed, there is no life and no newness, just crabby old people with the most unnatural ideas, which they consider "new".

As Chesterton said last post:  "Only when I latched on to Orthodoxy did I become emancipated."

The never-ending and vast vista of German philosophy didn't do it for him.

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