Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Afternoon in March

It's melting, fast and furious, at the moment.  The sun is out and the little brooks are running everywhere.  Everything is a-shimmer.

While talking the dog for a walk, I met a little girl in a gully.  She was wearing a loose red sweater with white polka dots and her trusty rubber boots, of course.  When I came up to her she told me triumphantly that she had found a maple leaf.  Indeed, she held a large, brown, old leaf. I admired it dutifully and reverently.   It looked like a Linden tree leaf to me, but never mind.  We held a conversation about the merits of various kinds of rubber boots, including mine, which also serve as winter boots.  We covered subjects like the need or lack thereof of an outer layer, such as a jacket.  She held the dog.

Her mother was standing on a balcony.  I waved to her.

How fun.

The poor kids haven't seen running water nor rain in a long time.

In terms of Chesterton, I finished "Heretics" and am ready to move on to "Orthodoxy".  Chesterton is funny, and bombastic and weighty.  He could sell me ice-cubes, even living this close to the arctic circle. -- He can't be right about everything, though, since he staunchly Roman Catholic. He.

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