Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Night in March

March on the Flats

A dull sun reflects barely
on the rippled ice of the pond
that has thawed several times already.

A mouse scurries from the snowbank to the creek,
and back again, startled by a dog bark in the distance.
The noise seems strangely amplified.

A little water trickles in the  frozen creek
making its path with an eerie clinking
--like glass, or a tiny, high bell far away,
from another world.

The snow makes a crunching sound, groaning
with a low, sharp "Au", under the boots.
Well, it will be gone soon.
Die snow!  Die.

The chickadees are active in a swarm.
A little wood-pecker is at work.

Were they here all winter?

I can hear some geese.

The longer strands of the fur of my hood
play in front of my eyes like a curtain.

I've pulled the hood tight.
I didn't bring a toque.
Who thought it was so cold?


Sam said...

I like it Brigitte. Cold and beautiful. You'll hear the grind of red-winged blackbirds soon--always a sign of spring, btter than robins.

Brigitte said...

Thanks. Mostly I look forward to my new hydrangeas growing in the low, wet area by the back fence. Since once plant with beige blooms took off beautifully, I invested in several more with different colors last fall.