Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Busy / Duty and Punishment

Dear Blog:  I have been busy and fighting the flu...  Not much time to read and write.

In the morning I read my Bible from the Treasury.  In the evening I read a bit from Chesterton.  That's all we can do right now.

The story this morning was of Noah's Ark.  Wow, what a punishment.  It goes from bad to worse.  First Adam and Eve are banished from God and the garden, plus receive the curses, then Cain gets sent away to be a wanderer, and now the whole earth is flooded and drowned.  -- People doubt these stories, but they sure have a ring of truth to them.   We still have such a mess everywhere.  And we still seek God's face, but he is missing, it seems.  I am finding my faith confirmed rather than threatened by reading them.  God's plan and promises and hopes held out, is what we have, by his mercy to the incorrigible, dumb and selfish egomaniacs.

--Chesterton is a hoot.  What else can one say.  Last night he ridiculed all those who thought pagans were all revelers.  No, no, he said, it's all about civic duty.  Indeed, I'd say, he hit the nail on the head, in thinking about Plato from the other day.  "Be just, my children, and serve the state faithfully."

So much.

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